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Tucked into the release notes on today’s standalone download of Slack is a particularly awesome nugget that many of us have been yelling about for a long time: Long story short, the com.tinyspeck.slackmacgap preferences domain…

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We’re in the process of switching from a rather feature-barren free Meraki Systems Manager over to the much superior SimpleMDM. This started as a test for a full DEP/MDM workflow, and ended up with us…

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UPDATE 7/15/2019 – Please see my updated post on this. Slack has provided a plist-based method, finally! If you deploy Slack with anything that isn’t VPP, you’ve probably run across the annoying instance where Slack…

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*SHAMELESS PLUG* I’ll be talking about this piece of our infrastructure and more at my PSU Mac Admins conference talk  on July 14th (video will be posted here too as soon as it is available).  …

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Gitlab CE 9.1 introduced an experimental feature that I have been waiting for eagerly for a very long time – the ability to schedule triggers to start CI runs (“pipelines” in their nomenclature). This is…

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