Suppress new OS major version updates with Munki

Update: I’ve had a few users still get these popups, even with the bundle removed. I’ve updated my internal copy of this to work with some noticeboard bits that Rich Trouton and Jason B (@zoocoup) have figured out – they are included in the most recent update to the gist shown below. If you have any wisdom, please come to #mojave on the Macadmins Slack and share!

OS update season is upon us, and this year with TCC and some other goodies we ran out of testing time before release. If you’re like us and want to hold off on a major OS version for a bit longer but don’t want your users to get prompted, put this pkginfo into a managed_uninstall in your munki manifest(s) to remove the bundle. Many thanks to the community for identifying this bundle in the 10.12->10.13 upgrade notification push.




  1. Bryan Pietrzak said…

    Shouldn’t uninstallable be true?

    And shouldn’t postinstall_script be postuninstall_script – otherwise it’ll never run as this will never be “installed”

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