An update on disabling Slack auto-updates

Almost four years ago, Slack answered many admins prayers and finally released a method to disable the annoying auto-update tool. This week, in Slack’s “Admin Update” newsletter, they announced the original feature will be deprecated on September 1st, 2024:

A screenshot of an email newsletter from Slack stating that the SLACK_NO_AUTO_UPDATES environmental variable for Mac/Windows and SlackNoAutoUpdates on Mac will be deprecated as of September 1st 2024. The screenshot also mentions that the default sign in file method is being deprecated.

While not directly mentioned in the newsletter, there is a new method to disable Slack’s auto-update mechanism, documented here. These newer settings can be delivered with a configuration profile and use the same preferences domain, but have a slightly different layout and use the AutoUpdate key instead of the SlackNoAutoUpdates key. An example configuration profile is below – there are additional settings you can use in the same profile to set the default sign-in. Kudos to the Slack team for not only adding these settings to configuration profile management, but also allowing some settings to be in a “set once” fashion so you can set sane defaults but allow users to customize their workspace.