On the value of the Console app

We utilize the old school (v1) Basecamp at my office, and some time ago standardized on an Adobe Air app called Timy as a nicer GUI to help employees track time entries compared to doing it directly on the Basecamp website. Timy is an Adobe AIR app.

Today, Adobe pushed out AIR I did some basic testing and all seemed well, so I added it to our production munki catalog and let it rip. Only took about half an hour for the complaints to start rolling in… Timy would bounce once and not launch. Obviously, the first thing to do was delete the preferences files, reinstall the app, etc… nothing worked.

I decided to check my old friend, the Console app – sure enough:

12/8/15 10:19:10.894 AM Timy[10465]: renaming from

I’m definitely not an AIR developer and I don’t really know why things need to be renamed, but allowing the changes to happen on my machine with some permission changes and replicating the results with a custom update saved the day.


When you’re in hot water, don’t forget to check logs from the Console app – they’re super handy!